Pokemon Sun & Moon: Creating the perfect Pokemon is possible through ultimate training

Techno 21 January, 2017

With the ultimate training, Pokemon Sun and Moon allows you to get the most baled and competitive monsters possible. We explain everything.
In Pokemon games, it is possible to improve the abilities of your pocket monsters. At each level up, you improve basic statistics (or Base Stat ) of your Pokemon, understand its hit points (HP), its attack, defense and speed. Know that if these values are expected to increase in the same way for all the Pokemon of the same species, they actually depend Individual Values (or IV). Transmitted by reproduction, the IVs are specific to each Pokemon, and are represented by a value between 0 and 31, affecting all the statistics of the individual concerned. The higher the IV of your Pokemon, the more competitive it will be, so perfect. So far, the IV were not directly modifiable so legit . To get the strongest Pokemon possible, you had to bet on breeding and a lot of luck. But thanks to the ultimate workouts, you can increase your Pokemon IV . As much to say that in Coca-Cola Gaming Stories, one is like madmen. Another new goal to finish after beating League Pokemon Sun and Moon .
Where to find the Capsules?

Pokéloisir , if you send your shipment Pokemon “In search of lost treasures,” and “In search of curiosities”.
The captain Oléa offers a Silver Capsule if you beat on the Way of the challenge.
Special distribution , Magearna holds a Silver Capsule when you collect during distribution via QR Code Pokemon Sun and Moon .
First of all, note that increasing the IV of your Pokemon will only be possible if they are already level 100, so to the maximum of their current capabilities. For ultimate training, go to the Ekaeka Mall, and talk to Papi Ultime. You will see that it is well named since it will offer to exchange a Gold or Silver Capsule against improving certain IV of Pokemon on your team. If you offer him a Capsule Now all IV of Pokemon in question will be increased. With a Silver Capsule, only one ability will see its IV improved. To find out where to get the different Capsules, follow the guide! Have you managed to increase the IV of one or more of your Pokemon?