Pokemon Sun & Moon: Discover all the QR codes available and how to use them

Techno 24 November, 2016

pokemon-soleil-luneWith the arrival of Pokemon Sun and Moon, a new feature size makes its arrival in the game: the QR Code Scanner.
You have necessarily found in Pokemon Sun and Moon, the game menu is much more extensive than its predecessors. Poke-between relaxation and Festival Place, a new feature has a rather discreet entrance in the game, this is the QR Scanner. If you do not know how to exploit it, do not panic, the Coca-Cola Gaming Stories tells you everything. Nothing complicated in reality, because with the QR Scanner, you can fill your dex-Motismad much faster . In fact, there are hundreds of QR Codes (available here ), and each code corresponds to a Pokemon. By scanning a QR code using your scanner, you automatically save the data of your Pokemon in the Rotom-dex. Rather convenient, since you can now find out which regions find it. Beware though, you can not flash a Pokemon every two hours. In addition, the location obviously does not work for Pokemon Legendary Sun and Moon, which are both catchable on a single game cartridge .

Reflash and discover or find a Lampignon
And for perfectionists, also know that QR codes also allow release forms Shiny Pokemon, to save ALL the possible forms. But the functionality of QR Scanner does not stop there, since all 10 Pokemon flashed or once a day, you will have access to the scanner of the islands, which will tell you for a limited time, the precise location of a Pokemon uncommon . Well, when you are told uncommon, everything is relative, since it is mainly the software that says. For the anecdote, it’s already hit a Étourvol, so we can forget for swagg. But it will always be a new Pokemon captured easily add to your Pokedex, especially once there, the Pokemon in question does not always appear on the first try, and you have the opportunity to farmer a little to catch your Pokemon Pikachu in the Sun and Moon , for example. What rare Pokemon did you discover the islands Scanner?