Pokemon Sun & Moon: Discover how to easily catch the Guardians

Techno 25 December, 2016

Learn how to make it easier to capture the four Pokemon Sun and Moon Guardians.
You have managed to beat the League and to find the Ministering Pokemon Sun and Moon, in particular through the terrible desert Haina . It’s good. But once in front of Tokorico, Tokopyion, Tokotoro or Tokopisco, the job is not finished! Indeed, the Ministering appear at level 60, and you’ll see that it can be particularly difficult to catch them . At Coca-Cola Gaming Stories, an impressive number of Pokéballs of all kinds have been wasted. The opportunity to give you some tips to ease the capture of these Pokemon. First, before leaving to face a Guardianship, make sure you are properly equipped . Indeed, if the latter beats you, or if you put it KO, it will not appear, unless beat the league again. So take with you a Pokemon with attacks Withholding or False Chage , just to weaken maximum without killing it, and a Pokemon with Berceuse, or paralytic attack. Also carry in your bag several Recall and Healing, in order to make the combat last as long as possible.

Finally comes the question of your Ball. There is indeed a multitude of Pokeballs in Pokemon Sun and Moon , each tailored to a specific situation. As for the Guardians, we advise you to equip Sombre Balls and Chrono Balls. Attention, when we say equipping, it means at least thirty of each, it would be a shame to fall short of Balls in full battle. Once equipped, go face the Pokemon Ministering night, this is where the Dark Ball has its importance , since it will have a catch rate of 3.5, unlike a Hyper Ball to stagnate at the 2. Weaken Pokemon maximum, and if possible also inflict her status changes. Attention, no poison, frost or confusion, the Pokemon would lose PV! Opt for a lullaby attack. Then you just have to swing your Dark Balls one after the other, hoping that the capture works. Also count the rounds of combat . If it drags on beyond 30 laps, it’s time to forget your Dark Balls in favor of a Chrono Ball, which will have a catch rate of 4. After how many balls you able to Capturing the Putting Pokemon?