Pokemon Sun & Moon: Have 3 starters on the same cartridge, it is possible!

Techno 7 December, 2016

pokemon-soleil-luneYou want to get all the starters Pokemon Sun Moon you on your cartridge? It is possible, provided you have some time to kill!
You chose your starter Pokemon from the beginning of Sun and Moon , but you want to get all your Pokédex? It is possible, Coca-Cola Gaming Stories, we explain you how. There are indeed several ways to get to catch the 3 starters on the same cartridge . First method, exchanges via GTS. By regularly logging onto the trading platform, you may have the chance to meet another player who would be willing to trade you a starter against other Pokemon that you could separate. An uncertain method that depends solely on the goodwill of other players.

All starters in your game cartridge? We say yes!

Another more reliable method and probably easiest way to get your three starters , you have to bring a friend who also play, and start your game 3 times. With each game, choose a different starter, and progress through the game until the exchanges are possible. Once unlocked the exchange, place your starter in “pension” to the cartridge of your friend, and start the game. After three games, you can quietly collect your three starters on the same cartridge. Remember to make the same game to your buddy, this is the least thing! Do not forget to get the Legendary Pokemon Arceus and Maegarna in December! Have you managed to nab all the starters?