Pokemon Sun & Moon: How to capture the Legendary Tokorico?

Techno 1 December, 2016

pokemon-soleil-luneLegendary Pokemon Pokemon iconic Sun and Moon games, it is possible to capture Tokorico!
There are some days, the Coca-Cola Gaming Stories explain you how to capture the two Legendary Pokemon Sun and Moon on a single cartridge . Today, we look at another Legendary Pokemon particularly highlighted in the animated Tokorico. Remember, it is he who offers the Z wristband during your first steps in dAlola region. As you may already have guessed, you will have progressed far in the game to meet him, since you will have beaten the league. And to capture Tokorico, nothing more simple , since once the Pokemon League defeated, you will be directly taken to meet the Legendary Pokemon.

Tokorico is at hand!
Since you’ve defeated the League only minutes before, this should not be too complicated to weaken Tokorico and capture through Hyper Ball that you could get for free from the beginning of Pokemon Sun and Moon . If you miss your shot and you put KO, or you find yourself short of Pokemon before they could weaken, not panic. You simply turn on the spot, and the Pokemon will be waiting quietly. So do not panic, Tokorico will necessarily be in your team after the League. A good way to motivate you to finish quickly Pokemon Sun and Moon! Have you managed to capture Tokorico?