Pokemon Sun & Moon: How to get Hyper Balls early in the game?

Techno 1 December, 2016

pokemon-go-hyper-ballA rather practical tips to ensure you capture some Pokemon in the Sun and Moon, without having to wait your turn to move in the islands.
You know, in Pokemon, the Pokeballs are not the only balls you can buy during your adventure , and fortunately, because their abilities are frankly limited! At As you advance in the game, you can indeed unlock many other balls available for purchase. And when we talk about efficiency, we obviously think of the Master Ball, which has a 100% success rate, or the Hyper Ball, whose success rate is also higher. And Pokemon Sun and Moon , know that it is possible to recover Hyper Balls from the beginning of the game. Gaming Club Coca-Cola, we’re fans of this trick! Well, for sure it will not be very useful for the guy who finished Pokemon Sun and Moon with only a Magikarp in his team, but for all other normal players, it’s worth it.

Hyper Balls Madness!
To recover your Hyper Balls, go to the Office of Tourism Ekaeka , the first city of the game. To the left of the entrance to the city, a scientist awaits. Talk to him, and he will ask him to capture 10 different species of Pokemon, which is playable in less than two. Once your mission accomplished, go back to talk science, which then will offer Hyper Balls. What motivate you to go hunt Goupix Alola Shiny Pokemon in the Sun and Moon , and ensure you can catch a nice batch of Pokemon without much suspense. Have you managed to get your Hyper Balls?