Pokemon Sun & Moon: How to reach Kala’e Bay and complete your Zygarde

Techno 27 January, 2017

Discover how to reach Kala’e Bay in Pokemon Sun and Moon, and find all the Zygarde fragments, but not only!
Did you manage to explore the various islands of the region of Alola in order to complete your Pokedex?

Congratulations, but did you really discover the entirety of the cards? In Pokemon Sun and Moon, we already explained how you reach the Ruins of Essor , and thus find the Pokemon Tutélaire Tokotoro. Today, it reveals how to reach the mysterious Kala’e Bay, on the island of Mele Mele . This bay is located to the northeast of the island, and if you walk along Route 3 you can see it below, but it seems impossible to access it. Too bad, because Bay Kala’e yet full of interesting items to collect . Since we are nice people, we explain how to do it. Once on the island of Mele Mele, go to the garden of the island, to the northeast. Cross the flowerbed and go south-west.
If you look closely at the walls of the cave on the right, you will see a small tunnel, accessible with the button A. engulfing you in, you will arrive in the Cave Verlamer , which is aptly named, as it will take you directly to The Bay of Kala’e (and therefore to the sea, CQFD). Once in the cave, take the opportunity to recover a Max Recall , a Super Potion , a belt Pro , which increases by 20% super effective attacks, and eternal ice , which increases by 10% the ice attacks. Arm yourself with a repellent if you do not want to be interrupted by many Pokemon (level 15) lurking, and head to the right, reaching the Bay of Kala’e. Once there, grab a basketball net , but especially valuable fragment Zygarde, allowing you to complete the full form of your Pokemon in the Sun and Moon . But the collection does not stop there, since on the beach to the left of the map, you can recover the TC05 Howl . Mastouff using your mount, you also find a large pearl on the little round island. To the north you can also get a Scuba Ball. Did you manage to reach Kala’e Bay?