Pokemon Sun & Moon: launch speed comparison on 3DS and New 3DS

Techno 22 November, 2016

pokemon-soleil-luneYou wonder what console to choose between a Christmas 2DS, a 3DS and New 3DS? This comparative video of the launch speed of Pokemon Sun should help you …

If there’s one minute that seems endless in life is when we are asked to make the cladding for this stupid EPS hour where we all had to hit the gym … but it’s not not all ! Imagine 23 November (or even now actually) or at Christmas now opening feverishly your new console and your copy of Pokemon Sun & Moon . Stamping impatiently as you are, you want to play as soon as possible and dive into the adventure.

And here is the drama ! Before they can even choose your starter Pokemon in Sun & Moon , you will need a long time with your 2DS or 3DS launch and every game. As a result, and if you want to live the best experience of Sun & Moon , it would probably be smart to invest in a New 3DS , although the economy is 2DS vis-à-vis this model is surely worth waiting a minute from time to time. what do you think of this difference between the two consoles?