Pokemon Sun & Moon: Mimiqui, Goupix Alola, Dodoala, the cutest stuffed animals in pictures

Sport 9 November, 2016

pokemon-soleil-luneWhile the Sun and Moon Pokemon come out November 23 on 3DS, the goodies already flourishing in the US shop.
With the seventh generation of Pokemon who arrives, it’s a little crazy at all fans of the saga, awaiting the arrival of Pokemon Sun and Moon , planned for 23 November. And wait, gamers can already enjoy a ton of goodies. Coca-Cola Gaming Stories, it is especially fans of all that is products, and we love the fluff. Luckily, Nintendo has already planned the coup, and has unveiled several goodies designs for new Pokemon . The new starter Pokemon Sun and Moon are obviously honored with really cute stuffed animals , but we also find special shapes Alola and several other innovations of the seventh season that fail will become the companions of choice for your next adventure.
Pokemon Sun & Moon
Mimiqui is so cute!

Can you make your choice between different fluff? Between the starters Brindibou, Otaquin and Flamiaou, it could well be complicated. Unless you prefer this adorable Vulpix Alola? The Dodoala and Togedemaru are not bad either. But our big heart stroke returns to the plush Mimiqui, which recently unveiled a trailer musical absolutely adorable! If you really do not decide, do not try and catch them all! Which lint will you crack ?