Pokemon Sun & Moon: Munchlax, Amphinobi, Magearna … These Pokemon distributed with the game

Techno 16 November, 2016

pokemon-soleil-lune-goinfrexWhile Pokemon Sun and Moon games come out in a few days, we reported on the Pokemon offered bonuses with titles.
Only a few days before the European release of Pokemon Sun and Moon. Coca-Cola is expected on November 23 almost as much as Christmas, and while waiting to have fun on the new games of the saga, we tirelessly sorting our pocket monsters on Pokebank . But if like us you have already cracked, and you pre-ordered a game, many surprises waiting for you again! Indeed, ending the special demo Pokemon Sun and Moon, the first Pokemon will be offered , and not just any, as this is the Amphinobi Sacha, better known as the Sachanobi . With the option Gift mystery, you can transfer your Pokemon from the special demo to the full version of the game by talking to Professor Spurge center Pokemon.

Collect them all!
Once your Sachanobi recovered, you can also get a Magearna by scanning a QR code with the scanner Pokemon Sun and Moon, which has unveiled a secret common to both Legendary . Then simply pick up your Pokemon fabulous antiques by visiting the Ekaeta mall. Finally, buying the game before the end of 2016, you will also enjoy a Munchlax , the pre-evolution of Snorlax. A major Pokemon, which will be delivered with its Ronflézélite to learn the most powerful capabilities of Z. This Pokemon will recover as a mystery gift, by connecting to the internet via the game. Did you get all your Pokemon before the release of the Sun and Moon games?