Pokemon Sun & Moon: Pokemon Bank is finally available!

Techno 25 January, 2017

It is finally available! Come discover the novelties of this one as well as the gift made to the subscribers.
It’s really, really long overdue that the Bank Pokemon Pokemon is finally compatible with Sun & Moon . Well, without warning anyone, it’s finally done! The Pokemon Company previously announced that compatibility would be effective at the end of January , the contract is respected. For those who would still not be aware, the Pokemon Bank is a service that can transfer Pokemon from your old game cartridges to Pokemon Sun & Moon.
A new feature is the possibility to transfer Pokemon games Virtual Console (Pokémon Yellow, Red and Blue) . Users of PokeBanque also receive a Mewzélite , the Z stone that helps to unleash the Force Z Mew offer is valid until 2 October. You’ll understand if you want to recover your precious little creatures, including your Pokemon perfect in Sun & Moon , it’s time to go on the eShop to download Pokemon Bank. We have already begun to transfer our shiny and our legendary here! Are you going to use Pokemon Bank?