Pokemon Sun & Moon: The complete list of Pokemon offered or redeemed in the game

Techno 25 December, 2016

Discover the complete list of Pokemon offered or redeemed in the new Sun and Moon games.
In Pokemon, you have to catch as many monsters , just to compose your perfect team and especially to complete your Pokédex. This obviously involves capturing Pokemon wild and exchange via GTS, you surely mastered as much as we at Coca-Cola Gaming Stories. But sometimes the turning of a thicket, a non-playable character in the game as the swimmer, this beautiful kid ultimate Pokemon Sun and Moon offers you exchange or give you a Pokemon, just to give you a helping hand . To find all the Pokemon given or exchanged in the Sun and Moon games, follow the guide! Of course, some Pokemon offered will seem familiar , since these creatures essential to the story.

You really want to miss Porygon?
The Pokemon
Brindbou, Flamiaou and Otaquin (level 5), the starters of the game
Evoli (niv1), offered in an egg by the manager of the pension of the Ohana Ranch
Pérra (niv40), offered in the house Serpang de Poni by a Top Dresseuse
Porygon (LV30), offered after defeating the League by returning home Aether on Highway 15
Type 0 (niv40), offered by Gladio after beating League, returning to Paradise Aether, 1st floor in the conservation area
The Pokemon Traded
Machoc (level 9), traded for a Piafabec at the Pokemon Center on Route 2
Crooked (Lvl16), exchanged for a Ponchiot in the Pokemon Center of Route 5
Tetarte (niv22), exchanged for a Nosferapti in the Pokemon center of Konikoni
Ptiravi (niv27), exchanged for a Pandepiegle in the sushi restaurant of Malié
Gravalanche (Lvl 32), traded for a Spectrum at the Pokemon Center in Toko Village
Candine (lv43), exchanged for a Granbull on the beach of the Floating Village
Flambusard (lv43), exchanged for a Chelours before entering the Combat Tree on the Challenge Path