Pokemon Sun & Moon: The stickers landed on Twitter

Techno 14 November, 2016

pokemon-soleil-luneWhile games Pokemon Sun and Moon arrive in a few days on 3DS, social networks start to the time Alola!
You know, in a few days, the seventh generation of Pokemon and forms Alola landed in France for the arrival of Pokemon Sun and Moon. Last episodes of the series, Pokemon Sun and Moon already record-breaking pre-order and pre-load , and are considered by many as the best episodes of the saga, Riding on a worldwide success, The Pokemon Company is not the only one enjoy gaming success. on Twitter, you can now add your photos to the official Pokemon stickers , story that everyone knows how you are addicted to pocket monsters. At the editorial ‘Coke Gaming Stories, we are already fans, even a little too …
Pokemon Sun & Moon
In the premises of melty, the stickers are everywhere!

To you starter Flamiaou, Otaquin and Brindidou! Four stickers are available since yesterday , and they already promise pimper well as it should your messages on the social network with blue bird. In the premises of melty, it has already adopted the stickers. To use is simple , you simply use the mobile Twitter application, and customize your picture with the many stickers available. After lint Pokemon Sun Moon and the cutest of the earth , these new virtual goodies made in Pokemon should go crazy over a fan of the cult saga. Did you test the new Pokemon stickers Sun and Moon on Twitter? Send us your photos!