Pokemon Sun & Moon: We know how to get the missing Mega-gems

Techno 3 February, 2017

Present for some directly in the game, several Mega-gems were still not found in Pokemon Sun and Moon. We now know why.
Those who have already completed Pokemon Sun and Moon know, the Mega-gems are indeed part of the festivities of this seventh generation . To remind you, these gems are somewhat special stones, which allow you to make Mega evolve a Pokemon once per combat. Presented as an object to hold, the Mega gems can be used at will, but each only works with one Pokemon, unlike conventional evolutionary stones you can find in Pokemon Sun and Moon , and that can To make evolve several particular species, but which are definitive, and can be used only once.
But then it was a few weeks, you explained how to retrieve all Mega gems available in Pokemon games sun and moon , it is clear that many gems still missing. Found in the game, we thought they would be offered at special events , as was recently the case with Mewzélite, available to all users of the Pokemon bank. In 2017, The Pokemon Company finally announced that valuable ever found Mega gems are offered to players in reward for their participation in various online tournaments . The first Mega-gems distributed on this occasion will be the Daragnite, usable on Dardargnan, and the Mysdibulite, which allows to evolve Mysdibule. To see all the competitions planned, and to participate in one of them, go here. Are you going to participate in online tournaments to get the Mega-gems missing?