Pokemon Sun & Moon: What starter choose?

Techno 20 November, 2016

pokemon-soleil-luneBrindibou, Flamiou or Otaquin? Do not make up your mind on what you choose and starter did not want to base this choice on the design? Discover the advantages and disadvantages of starters to choose the ultimate Pokemon!
Well OK we will not lie, it is generally chooses his choke as his physical … Do not lie! But hey, if we did that in the great Sun & Moon Pokemon you can find our test here , everyone would end up with Brindibou! So if you want to choose your starter more strategically by learning what his strengths and the weaknesses, you knock on the right door!
Pokemon Sun & Moon
Archeduc in Pokemon Sun & Moon
We will start with Brindibou the Pokemon Plumefeuille type Plant and Vol. It evolves Effleche at 17 then Archeduc at 34. It also has the talent fertilizer that increases attack power plant of 50% when PV Pokemon fall to less than a third of their maximum health. Obviously, the type double and Plant Spectrum of Archeduc makes him an unusual starter, he even has the Shadow Weave attack that prevents the enemy from escaping. By cons, it is weak against type Pokemon Fire, Ice, spectrum, and Flight Darkness, which is still quite disabling.
Pokemon Sun & Moon
Felinferno in Pokemon Sun & Moon
Then comes the small Flamiou , Chat Pokemon type Fire … Fire! Brasier his talent increases the attack power of Fire 50% when PV Pokemon fall to less than a third of their maximum health. It evolves Matoufeu at 17 and then at 34. Felinferno Felinferno lack of speed but his attack than compensates this problem. Type fire and darkness, it will be low only against types Water, Rock and Sol. This makes him one of the most viable choice among the starters!
Pokemon Sun & Moon
Oratoria in Pokemon Sun & Moon
Then finally Otaquin the Pokemon Water-type sea lion. The poor is hated for its design in Pokemon Sun & Moon , it can be a good choice in the sense can one person will have this Pokemon … Otherwise, he has the talent torrent increases power capacity 50% water when the PV Pokemon fall to less than a third of the maximum PV. Otaquin evolves Otarlette at 17 that evolves Oratoria at 34. Water-type and Fairy, it will be vulnerable against the Electric type Plant and Poison. Given the scarcity of teams based on his weaknesses and good special attacks, Otaquin is surely the best choice among the starters of Sun & Moon! What starter will you choose?