Polar cold on Quebec Friday

News 17 December, 2016

A polar cold settled throughout the province on Friday and extreme cold warnings were issued for several regions by Environment Canada.
Friday morning, mercury dropped to -33 with wind chill in Montreal while in Rouyn-Noranda, the temperature felt was -42. In Nord-du-Québec, the temperature felt was -24 in Kuujjuaq with wind chill, according to Environment Canada.
Throughout Quebec, workers have had to find solutions to these conditions.

Around 5 pm, CAA-Quebec reported receiving 9000 calls throughout the province during the day, mainly for boosters, and especially in the Montreal area. The average response time remained around 40 minutes across the province.
L’Est-du-Québec was hit hard by the cold wave and strong winds on Friday.

In addition to the harsh weather conditions, severe waves seriously damaged Route 132 in the English Channel area, 85 km east of Sainte-Anne-des-Monts, in the Haute-Gaspésie region. The causeway was torn from the waves in several places, making the road impassable.
After this polar day, snow will be on the menu in several regions on Saturday, with warmer temperatures varying around -10 degrees.
According to Environment Canada’s forecast, “a Colorado depression in formation will affect much of Quebec on Saturday and Sunday”.
Flakes are expected to change into freezing rain or rain on Sunday with significant increases in mercury in some areas. He will do, for example, +2 in Montreal, 0 in Quebec City and +4 in Gaspé and Sherbrooke.
However, Environment Canada predicts that the return to work on Monday will be under the sun, but again with low temperatures.