Police in Cairo have covered the “factory of donor organs” In the World : Vladim

News 2 February, 2018

Law enforcement officers of Cairo had discovered a gang of doctors and their intermediaries who are engaged in the trade of donor organs. Information about this was shared by the representatives of the local media.


Malefactors were engaged in discovery donors who are in dire need of money. They tried to persuade them for 25 thousand Egyptian pounds, a little over a thousand and a half dollars to sell his own kidney.
Agreed, the donors arrived in Cairo, where for several days we lived in a rented apartment, renting various analyses.

One of the detained doctors said that he took all in his office. After that, patients are taken to hospital, where the surgeon performed the surgery.
The victims say that the perpetrators had paid them before the surgery about five thousand Egyptian pounds, and the remaining amount they received only if lured another donor.