Police in Odessa collectors were robbed and took 120 thousand dollars

News 6 December, 2017

In Odessa there was a robbery of collectors. They stole 120 thousand dollars,allegedly, stealing guilty the local police.


It is noted that the robbery was pre-planned three 29-year-old guardians of law and order. They learned that a certain group of people will carry a particularly large sum of money belonging to one of the companies working on the territory of Odessa. This led police to develop the plan and bring it to life.

The police drew a dummy of the victim, whose collectors allegedly fraudulently took money. Then one of militiamen has received an order to conduct a search in the car of the collector. During a search militiamen threw down the bag of guns, and cash were taken.

The attitude of the guards opened a criminal case. They are charged with abuse of power and robbery.