Police in Three Rivers have not fired a shot in the last year

News 6 March, 2018
  • Louis Cloutier

    Monday, march 5, 2018 18:33

    Monday, march 5, 2018 18:35

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    THREE-RIVERS | police in Three Rivers have put 19 suspects in plays since January of 2017, on a total of approximately 30 000 interventions, but without having to open the fire one time, show the data obtained by TVA Nouvelles.

    In total, 38 police officers have been implicated in these responses, requiring taking out a gun.

    However, the data do not include occasions during which officers had to draw their weapon, for example, to inspect a given place, without having to point it at anyone.

    “What we must understand is that there are certain situations where the police officer is going to have to pull out his firearm to secure it, as during the interception of a vehicle at high risk is reported stolen, or when the interception of a thief on the public road,” explained the sergeant Luc Mongrain of the police of Trois-Rivières.

    The police department compiles separately the use of weapons of service since last year. Previously, this information is found mixed with many other inside reports of intervention.

    The last time that police officers trifluviens have had to shoot and kill a person dates back to 2010.

    Police officers from Trois-Rivières may use even less of their service weapon through the acquisition of six pulse weapons power. Agents have already had to resort to this tool to neutralize an individual troubled, in the process of self-injurious behaviours, which threatened to attack the patrol with a hammer.

    In addition to resort less frequently to their firearm, the police in Three Rivers have also made limited use of their intermediary weapons. From January 2017, they sprayed three times with pepper spray, while shots have been worn with a stick, extendable only once.