“Pops” has been a father to them

News 27 January, 2018
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    Stéphane Turcotte shudder, thinking of what he would become if he had not crossed the path of the father Emmett Johns, aka ” Pops “. “I would surely not here to talk about it,” admits the 38-year-old.

    It is with his son of 20 years, Cedric, who was known as “Pops” in the belly of its mother, that Mr. Turcotte was presented to the basilica of St. Patrick’s day, Saturday morning.

    Hundreds of other people have done the same, and to pay a last tribute to the founder of the body In the street. Volunteers and members of the family in a suit and tie and the interaction of young people wearing coats, studded and patches.

    “This is the magic of Pops, to succeed to gather all this world,” said John Shirley, who has known the father, John’s in 1995.

    They all had good memories of their encounters with the religious.

    “With him, it was always a moment of respite. We were going to see it to grab a hot chocolate and smoking a small cigarette rolled in, “said Karine Côté, 41 years of age, who has met “Pops” on the street in the fall of 1990 when she was aged only 13 years.

    Father Emmett Johns died on January 13 of natural causes at age 89.

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    Emmett Johns


    Several political personalities were present including the mayor Valerie Plant, its predecessors, Denis Coderre, and Gérald Tremblay, as well as provincial and federal ministers including Mélanie Joly and Martin Coiteux.

    A park in his name ?

    This, however, are the young people and the beneficiaries of the organization founded by father Johns, who occupied the seat in front of the stage.

    Several have made a moving tribute to their “father” before he is taken to his last resting place.

    For its part, Valérie Plante has hinted that the City was studying the possibility of naming a park or a place in the south-west to its name.

    “The thing towards which we are heading, it is to use a park in the corner of the Centre-South, where the street is located,” she said.

    The mayor and his prédécessurs there were

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    Valerie Plant

    Photo Agence QMI, Dario Ayala

    Denis Coderre

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    Gérarld Tremblay