Pornographic actress complained of harassment by teenagers : In the World : Vladim

News 23 January, 2018

Nikita Bellucci, known for her roles in adult films, in social networks complained that I was exhausted to educate other people’s children. She reported that it regularly receives emails from teenagers with impermissible questions and requests.


French pornstar Nikita Bellucci told about abuse by adolescents. In the personal microblog on Twitter, the actress said that she often gets letters from children of 12-13 years with requests to deprive them of their virginity, to have sex or confessions of love. Bellucci said that in today’s world porn is available for virtually everyone, but it does not give minors the right actress to send such messages. The adult film star asked the parents to shift their children’s upbringing on employees of the porn industry, because these messages from Teens humiliate her.

Publication of a porn star has collected more than 15 thousand likes, including from parents of minors.