Portugal U-21 vs Spain U-21 live streaming free: preview, prediction

Sport 20 June, 2017

Portugal U-21 vs Spain U-21 live streaming free
Prediction of the match Portugal U21 – Spain U21

June 20, 2017 at 21:45, will be the second round of the group stage of the final part of the European Youth Championship, in which the Portuguese national team under the age of 21 will play against peers from Spain at the stadium “GOSiR”.

Portugal U-21 vs Spain U-21 preview
The national youth team of Portugal has managed to achieve good results for all time of its participation in the final rounds of major tournaments. At the European Championships angry youth teams under the age of 21, the Portuguese played with varying success, and the best achievement is the tournament in 94 and 2015, in which Portugal took the silver. In the 1st round of the group round of the current tournament, Portugal predictably defeated Serbia 2-0.

Portugal U-21 vs Spain U-21 prediction
Team Spain is rightfully considered one of the strongest teams in youth tournaments. The Spaniards became three times the owner of the title of Euro to 21 years. The last triumph is dated 2013, at the tournament in Israel. Let me remind you that in the final part of the current tournament Spain made its way through the play-offs taking 2nd place in the qualifying round. However, being stronger than Austria, successfully started in the 1st round of the current selection. I recall that the rival in the 1st round was the team of Macedonia, which the Spaniards defeated with the defeat of 5-0.

Until today, the national team of Portugal and Spain before 21 years did not cross each other. The Portuguese, like the Spaniards, are rightfully considered to be one of the favorites of the current tournament, and the signboard with the participation of these teams would be quite suitable for the final. Given the technical characteristics of these teams, I think in this match we will see a beautiful and spectacular game with scored goals in both directions. Bet: both will score.