Power outage major: emergency shutdown at the refinery Suncor East of Montreal

News 24 October, 2017
  • Geneviève Paradis

    Tuesday, 24 October 2017 11:43

    Tuesday, 24 October 2017 11:43

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    The blackout in Montreal, on Tuesday morning, has also caused some problems at the refinery Suncor to the east of the metropolis, which had to emergency stop facilities.

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    According to TVA News, the power outage caused a pressure drop in the installations of the oil. Result: a large plume of black smoke was visible from several kilometres away, as well as flame, very powerful on a chimney of the company.

    Suncor has confirmed by press release that the failure has caused the emergency shutdown of its facilities.

    “This stop is done in a safe manner. In the course of the next few hours, our team will focus its efforts to ensure the restart to secure our facilities. It is possible that the flare of the refinery emits a flame higher. This could also increase the noise from time to time. It is a normal procedure of the security system of the refinery,” said the company.

    The smoke subsided about an hour after the start of the outage.

    The fire brigade of the refinery were ready to intervene, but this has not been necessary.