Pozbutisya from these dangerous plants!

Techno 20 March, 2018

2018-03-20 21:23

Pozbutisya from these dangerous plants!
These 5 poisonous houseplants bring harm and misfortune to the house.

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Poisonous plants that harm

Plants in the house are cozy, help to purify the air, can strengthen human immunity, and just pleasing to the eye. In flower shops and in the markets nowadays, anyone can choose a green pet is a good choice. But not all plants can be grown at home, especially if you have small children. For alluring beauty can hide the danger to the health and well-being of family members, reports Rus.Media.

Popular wisdom. If to believe national signs, the house can not have wavy, curly plants (vines, ivy, morning glories, etc.). This may damage personal life housewife, because people in this house won’t last long.

Also, do not grow cacti in the bedroom girls of marriageable age. The aggressive plant can alienate her from all the suitors, so better to move it to another room, and even better in the living room. There it will safeguard the house from those who came with bad thoughts. But in addition to people’s will, there are well proven scientific opinions about which plants can be hazardous to the health and well-being of the family.


Quite common nowadays houseplant. Often it can be seen even in the nursery. Indeed, its bright color attracts attention, but also fraught with danger. Broken or damaged leaf of a plant toxic juice that can cause a burn of the mucous membrane, especially when placed in the mouth, nose or eyes. And we all know how children love to try everything by heart.

In addition, some Housewives, transplanting plants sometimes use Cutlery – knives or spoons. If they are bad then wash, it can cause poisoning.


Usually this is a large flowering Bush planted in the yard of a private house, but sometimes in the winter will wear home. To do this in any case impossible. Stems, flowers, leaves and fruits of this krasivoj subtropical plants are very poisonous. So once again think to land it even on the street outside the house if you have small children.

Also care must be taken when transplanting oleander – the juice gets on the skin, use rubber gloves and then thoroughly wash your hands. Do not place near a shrub benches, or gazebos, to inhale his scent – long presence near the bushes can cause poisoning.


This plant looks amazing, and his velvet variety is loved by many gardeners. It seems, to admire a flower endlessly, but this little beauty is from the collection of rhododendrons insidious. Its leaves contain alkaloids that are used to create certain drugs.

Touch the leaves of azaleas are not recommended as they contain toxic juice. Symptoms of exposure becomes excessive salivation, burning in the mouth, nausea. Large quantities of this poison can lead to death.


This plant is also quite popular among lovers of flowers. Its colorful leaves do look very impressive. But they are fraught with danger for the human body.

The juice of the Croton are poisonous. When ingested it can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and in contact with skin dermatitis. Therefore, never replant a Croton with Cutlery and without gloves. But if you have small children or Pets that can “hunt” to the plant better and it does not start.


This plant you can see on the window-sill even her grandmother. Nevertheless, in the house it is better not to have. The danger of geranium not only in the poisonous juice, a strong smell, but rather in Aero-allergens that spread through the air.

Clearly it is not suitable for children’s rooms and rooms where there are people who are prone to asthma or allergies. Ingestion of the juices of plants may occur are headache, disturbed digestion and blood viscosity. But if you do decide to get this beauty – “mount” it on the balcony.