Pregnant and soon to be evicted: a couple threatened to be separated by immigration

News 19 March, 2018
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    A resident of Thetford Mines, of French origin, and his 8 year old daughter could be returned to France on Thursday. And to leave behind a “dad” in disarray.

    Three months pregnant, to a father in quebec, with which it has already had a first son, Elisa Jeandeau’s arrival at Quebec in July of 2010.

    She met her lover about a year after arriving in the country. Now a few years later, at the edge of discouragement, the couple is in danger of separation through immigration to a matter of “paperwork”.

    “It is a little complicated,” she admits in an interview on the set of the host Denis Lévesque, along with his spouse. We did a sponsorship for spouses, common-law spouse, was launched in march 2016. Then, we had a refusal in February 2017. We tried to make a call compared to it, but nothing has worked”, laments the French citizen facing expulsion.

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    Family destroyed DL

    Officials have not sent the necessary correspondence – no evidence to this effect nor in its emails or its traditional mail – so that it was not able to complete the form that was required for its application.

    “The workings at the level of immigration are extremely complicated, people lose themselves, it is not the only, not to be the will hide not. At the beginning, trying a little bit to fend for ourselves. We get lost, it takes lawyers, they are not always of the friendliest. In the end, we find ourselves torn, it destroys families and we are a little alone,” says the mother of a family, in holding back his tears of sorrow and of misery.

    The quebec father can not conceive that his wife to return without him in his country of origin, bringing with her their unborn baby and an 8 year old girl who calls him “daddy” – even if it is not the progenitor. “When I met her, she was only a year, she did not speak at all… she sees me totally as his dad, evidenced by Sylvain R. Lemay. It is still a family destroyed because of a paper. And even if you ask, they don’t even want you to return”.

    The mother is inconsolable. “I lose my family to me, I lose everything that is around also, I have children, nephews and nieces, to whom I am attached. I pulled out and snatches my daughter.”