Prey: 9 minutes commented gameplay and subtitled in French

Techno 4 December, 2016

prey_focus-ttBethesda Softworks unveils a new video this morning of Prey , the new action game in first person developed by teams of Arkane Studios . Everything is commented and subtitled in French.

In this video Raphael Colantonio , Arkane Studios president and creative director of the game, and Ricardo Bare , lead designer on the title, return on assets of the game that combines simulation and narration while offering tremendous freedom to game users.

Recall that in the alternative history of Prey , President Kennedy survives his assassination triggering a series of major events that will cause the intrigues of the game. After recovering from this failed attempt, Kennedy threw States STATES in a scientific program with Russia to transform a Russian satellite in advanced research center to study the aliens.

The center then became Talos I, a highly sophisticated space station acquired by the company TranStar Corporation. Waking up on Talos I, Morgan found the station overrun by an alien entity called Typhon, formerly kept in isolation and studied by scientists to improve human capabilities.

Using strange powers from these experiments, Morgan will survive this incursion, discover the mysteries surrounding the Typhoons and save mankind from the danger that threatens aboard the station.

Prey released in 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.