PriceMinister drops the price of OnePlus 5, it’s time to change your smartphone!

Techno 21 July, 2017

A few weeks after its release, the OnePlus 5 is less and less expensive. The Chinese smartphone enjoys a nice reduction at PriceMinister. The details !

If you want to change your old Samsung or you’re tired of crunching the same Apple, this is the time or never to draw your CB. The OnePlus 5, the best value for money smartphone in 2017, is increasingly available in this summer sales period. Marketed officially from 499 euros, the phone that I was able to take recently in hand enjoys a pretty nice promotion. Come on, get ready to warm your CB before you continue reading.

The OnePlus 5 is currently available, by ICI, at 464.80 euros for its 64 GB version. In addition to this very attractive price, PriceMinister offers a free delivery for this true flagship killer. But beware, as the seller is English, the charging plug of the OnePlus 5 might not be compatible with France. We remember the big promotion of GearBest which is not really as good a plan as we thought. One thing is spure, the OnePlus 5 has it all!