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Between prince Harry and Meghan Markle, everything went very quickly. Barely a year after the beginning of their love story, the two lovers would be in the process of getting engaged. And prince Harry may well enjoy a special date to make his proposal of marriage !

Since the beginning of their love story, prince Harry and Meghan Markle are very discreet. Ensuring you never appear in public together, the two young people, however, are, in the words of their friends, very much in love. After a tumultuous youth and the trauma of the death of his mother, prince Diana, Harry seems to be now settled down, and decided to go up to the top speed with the one he loves for a year. The magazine US Weekly, on the testimony of a friend of Harry, seems to have details on the wedding to come. The little brother of the Prince William might make his proposal of marriage in the days to come. A choice that owes nothing to chance because Meghan Markle will be 36 on August 4. The opportunity also to ward off the spell, while the month of August is always a particularly difficult period for the young man. Indeed, it is the 31 August, there was just 20 years old, his mother princess Diana was killed in a road accident in Paris.

As rightly clarified the prying in the american magazine : It is said that his engagement could bring a bit of joy in the month of August because every year he could now associate this time with a remembrance more sweet. Whereas the queen Elizabeth II has recently voiced its concerns, fearing that the prince Harry turns his back on his royal duties by love, the young man might well give him reason. In order to protect his happiness and eager for discretion, Harry would consider, in fact, of the wedding well away from the glitz of the wedding of his brother : They might flee and marry somewhere out of sight, rather than having a wedding very tape-to-eye.Rebel one day, a rebel still !

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