Production of marijuana, after a crusade to change the laws, he pleaded guilty

News 23 January, 2018
  • Kathleen Frenette

    Tuesday, 23 January 2018 16:47

    Tuesday, 23 January 2018 16:57

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    In January 2014, the Montreal-René Ouellet was charged with production of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking. After more than 40 passages of the court, with the avowed purpose “to change nothing less than the laws of canada”, the man 44-year-old eventually pleaded guilty.

    It is in April 2016 that Ouellet is noted for the first time at the palace of justice of Quebec.

    The man was then accompanied by the activist procannabis Raymond Turmel, who had lit up a joint at the palace gates, waving his bag of pot “therapeutic”.

    The two men were then presented with, in hand, a decision of the supreme Court rendered in 2015, which, according to them, “authorizing the transformation of medical marijuana into oil and edible products”.

    However, it is precisely this that Ouellet claimed to want to do with the marijuana plants that he cultivated, according to Turmel, “in the middle of nowhere”.

    The purpose of these plants was to “be transformed in the form of muffins or herbal tea to calm the stress and anxiety of Ouellet.

    A little less than two years later, it is saying a little “in shock” that the Montreal eventually pleaded guilty to the charges brought against him.

    It has, therefore, recognized that in may 2013, the police received information to the effect that a greenhouse production of cannabis was located in a shed in the municipality of Sainte-Françoise, and that the latter belonged to Ouellet.

    “The windows were blocked, and at Hydro-Québec, the audits revealed that there was a large consumption of electricity on-site, a brief summary of the attorney to criminal prosecution and criminal, to Me, Caroline Munger.

    A total of 238 marijuana plants were found during the search and police service, forensic identification has been able to identify the fingerprints of the accused in multiple locations.

    René Ouellet will be back in court on Thursday, for the comments on the sentence.