Products that do not overeat professionals

Techno 21 March, 2018

2017-01-15 20:02

Products that do not overeat professionals
There are products that can seriously damage your health in case of overeating

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The holidays are a time of overeating. But if the extra piece of cake or one serving of salad can, in the worst case, to indigestion or to add a pound of weight, there are foods that can seriously damage your health if they are eating.In this case, abstinence is not only not hurt, but is a prerequisite for the use of these products:


So, in carrots a lot of vitamins, minerals and fiber, but the consumption of too many carrots can lead to overdose of beta-carotene, a substance that is converted to vitamin a and gives carrots its orange color. Overdose called carotenemia, is due to the fact that carotene is fat-soluble, and excess is stored in the subcutaneous fat, giving the skin a yellow or even orange color, especially on palms, soles, knees, and around the nose,

Usually carotenemia often affects infants, whose diet includes a lot of pureed carrots, both fresh and cooked, but can suffer and adults, especially those with liver disease or overly fond of vegetables and sokovyj diets. Of course, the dramatic coloration of the skin in itself is quite unpleasant, but usually carotenemia not considered as a dangerous condition and at the termination of intake of carotenes is gradually taking place, but there are studies that link carotenemia with an increased risk of certain cancers.


Excessive sushi or other dishes which include tuna, threatens to overdose of mercury. Larger species of fish that are on the top of the food chain can accumulate in the muscles, a fairly large number of derivatives of mercury. To determine a safe consumption rate of tuna is quite difficult because the concentrations can vary depending on subspecies and habitat of fish. Since the accumulation of mercury can cause serious neurological health problems, the doctors occasionally suggest to eat a big fish for pregnant women and young children. Other groups advised to eat no more than 200g of tuna (about one serving) per week.


Although many people without coffee just can’t work, addicted to coffee and other caffeinated beverages, like energy, could be downright dangerous. Better not to use more than 500-600 mg of caffeine a day. The average Cup of coffee medium roast contains approximately 200 mg of caffeine, a small Cup of espresso – 75 mg adverse effects of overdose of caffeine can manifest as insomnia, nausea, tachycardia, muscle tremor, anxiety, headache. Famous and fatal cases of cardiac arrest.


Kombucha is a drink based on sweet black tea fermented with a symbiotic culture of a particular acetic acid bacteria and yeast fungi, which, in fact, called a tea mushroom. It is, of course, at home based on the home mushroom. It is believed that Kombucha has some health benefits, for example, improves the immune system, but serious modern scientific evidence of this thesis, no. But excessive consumption of Kombucha is quite capable to undermine health. Its use is contraindicated in diabetes, acidity of the stomach, fungal diseases, obesity, metabolic syndrome and in a number of diseases or disorders. In addition, domestic fungus can be mold and fungi that have toxic effects on the body. In any case, refer to Kombucha as the cure and take it in moderate doses, no more than 2 glasses a day, not constantly, and courses, making a break for at least a month.


This tropical fruit is usually used for decorating desserts and other dishes, as on the cut he forms a beautiful star. So, and not otherwise, and should use the cannon, because overeating carambola has a depressant effect on the Central nervous system and the kidneys. Of course, carambola rare guest on the Russian table, but fans travel to warm countries should be wary of overdose. Especially people with impaired kidney functions, especially the pure juice of carambola, which is a popular drink in Taiwan and other Southeast countries, especially on an empty stomach. Interestingly, in most cases, the first symptom of overeating, the carambola has the hiccups, and then followed by nausea, vomiting and weakness.


As you know, drinking too little water is dangerous for the body. But too much water intake (recommended more than the proverbial 8 glasses per day) brings no benefit and harm. When a person drinks too much water, then the body of the washed sodium and potassium, creating an electrolyte imbalance that leads to water intoxication. In the most severe cases this can lead to hyponatremia, in which sodium in the blood plasma is reduced so much that it hampers the activity of the heart, kidneys, nervous and muscular endings and the brain (until the development of cerebral edema). The greatest risk of hyponatremia affects athletes, especially marathon runners, the supporters of starvation and bessoleva diets and people with a healthy way of life, too literally understand appeals to drink as much water as possible.


A pinch of this common spice added to the sauce or cakes, will bring you nothing but pleasure. But with the overdose, which begins with the 20g, that is one tablespoon, this spice can turn into a real hallucinogenic drug. Unpleasant consequences can appear within 3-8 hours after eating and may be accompanied by feelings of anxiety, fear, delusions of persecution, until the development of acute psychotic syndromes, loss of reality and visual hallucinations. The dose is from 20 to 80 g may be fatal, such cases are described in the medical literature. And it’s so easy when cooking imperceptibly gnaw a few nuts. Be careful!