Professional allowances to pharmacists: the ceiling will be returned

News 19 July, 2017
  • QMI agency

    Wednesday, 19 July, 2017 15:51

    Wednesday, 19 July, 2017 15:51

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    QUEBEC | The maximum rate of professional allowances that may affect the pharmacists will be reduced to 15 %, confirmed by the minister of Health, on Wednesday, by press release.

    The professional allowance refers to sums of money paid by the company of generic medicines, the pharmacist-owner, according to sales of a drug.

    The minister Gaétan Barrette believes that “the return to this maximum rate will put in place conditions favourable to obtaining price reductions from manufacturers of generic drugs,” he said.

    Prior to April 2016, the 15% rate was in effect, before increasing gradually, and then, ultimately, to be abolished in January last.

    The return of the cap should enter into force at the beginning of the month of September.

    Moreover, the Quebec government announced Sunday it had agreed with the pharmaceutical industry on the price of generic drugs, which would allow the State to save $ 300 million annually.