“Promising” eat banana brought Egyptian singer behind bars

News 13 December, 2017

In Egypt, the singer for the assault clip was sentenced to two years in prison. In the video, the girl appeared in sexy underwear in front of students. In their eyes, the performer ate an Apple and banana with a clear allusion to the erotic continuation of the meal.


Earlier it was reported that in respect of 21-year-old Egyptian criminal case and investigation. Now it became known the decision of the court. In addition to serving a jail term girl will have to pay a fine of £ 420. The same punishment awaits and music video Director.

The girl was arrested on 18 November. Before that, the roller with its participation complained the indignant citizens. They insulted the behavior of the singer in the clip. Live long enough discussed in the media, but the girl sees nothing wrong with his work. On the page in the social network Shima admitted that he always wanted to be a singer, and did not imagine such a reaction to her work.