Prosecuted for 162 000$ for a staircase poorly plowed

News 11 January, 2018
  • Photo Catherine Montambeault
    The former factor Stéphane Di Lauro believes that the owners of houses and accommodation do not care enough of the danger that can represent their stairs poorly cleared of snow. “People get up, go to work and they do déneigent not,” he says.

    Catherine Montambeault

    Thursday, 11 January, 2018 01:00

    Thursday, 11 January, 2018 01:00

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    The federal government is pursuing a couple of Laval to 162 000 $, because a factor would have fallen in the staircase poorly plowed in her building.

    “People don déneigent not, they don’t care outright, lamented the fact that the factor involved in this case, Stéphane Di Lauro. But we, we are there every day, whether it rains, whether it snows, whether it be 30 degrees or -30 ! “

    Mr. Di Lauro was delivering mail to a residence in the rue de Brignoles in the district of Laval-des-Rapides when he slipped on a patch of ice hidden by the snow accumulated on the stairs, ” he says.

    “I had my crampons on my boots, but when I put the mail in the box, the left foot I was gone. I fell directly on the shoulder, ” says the man, 44-year-old.

    Since the accident occurred in January 2015, the Canada Post employee has worked a few part-time months before to be placed off work because of the injury to the right shoulder, according to the lawsuit. “From that day, everything has plummeted,” he explains. Today, I hurt 24 hours on 24. Everything is an ordeal : I brush my teeth, make myself to eat, try to sleep, no matter what. “

    Negligence ?

    As Stéphane Di Lauro has been compensated by the quebec pension plan for the compensation of workplace accidents, it is the Attorney general of Canada has the right to bring an action against the owners of the building for their “negligence” was assumed.

    It is with dismay that the owners, Grazio Di Cristo and Céline Ladouceur, have learned that the pursuit of them.

    “No one has forced the mailman to come and deliver the mail from us that day, indignant M. Di Cristo. I have already been using-factor, and when there was a certain amount of snow, our bosses told us not to get a single walk. “

    Grazio Di Cristo admits to not having taken the time to remove snow from his stairs and out his back from work the day of the accident. “But it snowed all day, so even if we had plowed the stairs in the morning, the snow would have continued to accumulate “, he says.

    A ” good father of family “

    According to Patrick Henry, a lawyer specialized in civil liability, the owners of the accommodation are required to take the means to avoid accidents.

    “But perfection, especially in Quebec in the winter, does not exist, says it. The weather conditions are so changeable that we can’t ask the owners to have places perfectly cleared of snow at all times. “

    To win its case, the Prosecutor must be able to prove that the couple of Laval maintained not his property as would “a good father of a family,” says the lawyer of the firm RSS.

    In addition, home insurance policies generally protect the owners in case of damages involuntary caused to third parties, specific also Me Henry.