Protesters in Quebec city to denounce the government Couillard

News 20 August, 2017
  • Photo Sophie Side
    Sixty protesters walk in the streets of Quebec city Saturday afternoon to denounce the government Couillard.

    Sophie Side

    Saturday, 19 August, 2017 14:06

    Saturday, 19 August, 2017 17:45

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    Twenty-four hours before the high-profile events on the theme of immigration to be held Sunday, about sixty people demonstrated against the government Couillard in Quebec city.

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    “Couillard out”, “Liberals are corrupt”, “Yes to freedom of expression” and “We are not racist” are some of the slogans that were chanted on Saturday by the protesters, among whom there were even a few children.

    The latter, escorted and monitored by the police, have left the park American-French around 13: 30 to begin the long journey that has finally led to the Parliament.

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    Although the two individuals responsible for the organization did not want to be identified to a specific group, several members of the group, the patriotic Front of Quebec were present, the flags of Quebec and of the Patriots in the hand.

    Photo By Pascal Huot

    Many demonstrators are members of the patriotic Front in Quebec.

    Fifteen members of the Storm Alliance have also swelled the ranks, as some sympathizers of The Pack.

    Photo Sophie Side

    Photo By Pascal Huot

    Not “radical”

    The organisers were keen to dissociate themselves from the label of”right-wing extremists” and “radicals” that other groups would have joined this week.

    “This is completely false, and we are not here for The Pack today, and not for the immigration. We are here to fight the government Couillard and his policies. To defend our rights, our identity, our culture,” said Réjean Roy.

    The objective of the event was to denounce the government Couillard, but many of the participants alluded to the issue of immigration, as thousands of refugees cross the canada-u.s. border.

    “We do not understand why the government endorse the illegality, because these immigrants are illegal,” said Danielle Lacombe, La Pocatière, like many others.

    Although the event takes place in the correct order, the tone has mounted prior to the beginning of it, when the man claiming to be responsible for the security of the rally is made verbally to the observer for the Centre for the prevention of radicalization leading to violence, who was on site.

    “When we walk in the street, we are squealing kicked in the face because you have dirty as racist. Should pay attention to what you say”, has launched Robert, in a flurry verbal virulent.