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Techno 30 March, 2018

2018-03-30 15:21

Proven. Women Park better than men
Jokes about girls driving you can often hear. Especially made to criticize how women are slow and clumsy to Park. How justified these accusations?

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Thus, despite the multi-tasking (kids, house, work, life) a woman can sometimes be more scattered. Or nadkusannoe in the technical aspects. But really as for Parking – there are women stronger than the men!

Research conducted during the survey in the state of Hampshire, talking about what women really Park a car more carefully and skillfully. 96% of women leave their car in strictly designated areas, almost not stopping at the line that separates the Parking space. Among men such skills can boast of only 85%, reports Rus.Media.

Only 2% of women leave their cars in the Parking lot so that they interfere to Park to other drivers. In men the figure is 7%.

The only strong half of mankind the Parking process takes much less time: three seconds against five female motorists. Thus, men to Park make an average of 2-3 maneuver, whereas women do 1-2 maneuvers.