PS4 Pro: Square Enix optimize its games for the new console

Techno 16 November, 2016

final-fantasy-xv-gold-officiel-paris-gamesWith the release of the new Pro PS4 console, Square Enix announced a big wave of upgrade.
The release of the PS4 pro last week has led many developers to optimize their games, whether they are coming or already out. By offering a better gaming experience, the pro PS4, which has unveiled the list of games available day-one , frankly sends the dream, and the developers are working hard to optimize their games. Recently, it’s Square Enix who spoke on the topic, and the release of the new demo Final Fantasy XV: Judgment Disc showed several graphics improvements to the pro PS4. And it’s not finished, since in December the publisher will offer a patch that should significantly optimize resolution , passing at 1080p and 60 frames per second.

There are some days, Sony also stated that World of Final Fantasy , released October 28 would also be part of the securities improved on the new machine. No luck, the proposed patch to improve the game experience was completely missed, and we doubt that Sony will soon offer a correction patch to remedy the problem. To discover our preview of Final Fantasy XV , please see our previous articles! What games would you like to see improved on PS4 pro?