PS4: The free games of the subscribers PS More of the month of February 2017

Techno 8 February, 2017

As every month, PlayStation Plus subscribers will have access to free games for their PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. In honor February: the sandbox participative and the big indie task!
As every month, the 8 stands for free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers , this time with two PS4 games, two games and two PS3 PS Vita games . Regarding the PlayStation 4, there is a home game and an independent title respectively LittleBigPlanet 3 and Not a Hero . LBP3 was released in November 2014, both on PS3 and PS4. If it presents itself as a game of platform in 2.5D (that is to say in 2D, but with elements of 3D …), the game has especially spoken of it on its release for the richness of the catalog of Proposed levels. Indeed, as did later Super Mario Maker , LittleBigPlanet 3 allows players to create and share their creations levels. Even stronger, this creative concept is not limited to its initial genre but is very permissive, and only your imagination (to a certain extent) is the limit. You can take Sackboy and his friends Oddsock, Toggle and Swoop to other types of games, from shooting action to puzzles of all kinds.
The second title is more confidential but has already had its little moment of glory, especially on the side of the Steam platform that PC players know well. Not a Hero is one of those independent titles published in Devolver Digital rarely get hooked players. Action Shooter pixel art in the tradition of the genre, Not a Hero seduce certainly followers of the second degree and grand nawak already conquered eg Hotline Miami or Broforce …
Finally, if you still have your PS3 and PS Vita, Sony has not forgotten you. PS3 (Cross Buy PS4) firstly found the unclassifiable Starwhal that puts you in command of narwhals (sea unicorns) for big clashes anything, multi under fluorescent arenas. Yes Yes Yes. Classic, Anna is a puzzle adventure game the rather beautiful scenery which will teleport you to the north of Italy. Finally, on PS Vita, it is full cardboard on the Cross Buy PS4. Ninja Senki DX , action game platforms featuring a very 8-bit imaging and TorqueL , puzzles game and minimalist reflection will tickle fans of the Sony portable. How do you find the selection of free games this February?