PS4: Youtube in virtual reality soon compatible with PSVR

Techno 25 December, 2016

You’ve already cracked for Sony’s virtual reality headset, or are you hesitant to offer it to you at Christmas? This news should finish convincing you.
Youtube in virtual reality on the PS4 is for very soon! In a recent official release, Sony revealed indeed that the compatibility of its headphone VR with the application Youtube would very soon put in place. The opportunity for you to have access to the different videos turned 360 ° on Youtube in a totally immersive way. Recently unveiled by Upload VR , so the information has been confirmed by the Japanese firm, and should dream of many owners of virtual reality helmet. What motivates you to make your choice between the PS4, the Xbox One and the Wii U for Christmas!

Be careful not to get excited too fast. Not only this compatibility will only affect videos initially turned 360 ° (which seems logical, but hey, you never know) but in addition, no official date has been announced yet . We just know it’s coming soon. Pending the arrival of Youtube on PSVR, you can still test the VR games already available, like the excellent Eagle Flight , which slips into the shoes of an eagle flying over Paris. Which video would you like to discover in YR on Youtube?