Psychological Luscher test — Find out your psycho!

Techno 24 December, 2017

2017-12-24 14:15

Psychological Luscher test — Find out your psycho!
This simple test to determine the psychological state of a person was invented in 1948, Max lüscher

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This event was a revolution in the field of psychology and psychiatry. The method has been successfully used and modern doctors, moreover you can make it yourself, reports Rus.Media.

What is he like? Below you can see the picture, it shows 8 rectangles of different colors. You choose one of them. It is important that during the selection you were not guided by anything other than subconscious. It should not be your favorite color, or any preference in clothes, you don’t have to look at the color values. Relax, look at the picture and choose the rectangle whose color you like at the moment.

Meaning of flowers:

— If you choose BLACK you know the feeling of loneliness, but you can deal with him. You try not to show their weaknesses, though in secret I dream that someone took care of you ,take responsibility. You solve all problems independently, have their own opinion and not influenced by other people.

— If you chose GREY — you’re a very thoughtful man, “measure twice – cut once” — it’s about you. Try not to stand out from the crowd, but you have a rich inner world. You sincere, soft, shy. It gives you a lot of emotions, sometimes creates insecurity. Do not hesitate, just add to your life a little color.

— If you chose RED — you are a kind a passionate, purposeful, emotional. You quite likely bright bursts of emotions – from total love to fierce hatred. You may offend someone inadvertently, but absolutely not knowing about it and not thinking about the consequences. You are able to recharge their passion of others, you have a huge life potential.

— If you chose BROWN is a practical person you are, is absolutely not in the clouds. You important facts and evidence, not ideas and dreams. This is your big plus is you live “real”, proportionate to its potential. Minus is that it is difficult to go beyond, to do something Grand or to believe in something incredible.

— If you chose YELLOW – you are positive, open, communicative. Optimism is your all. You know how to please people, easy to communicate with. You have a lot of Hobbies, because you all interested. Know how to enjoy simple things and admire the little manifestations of good in people.

— If you chose BLUE – you are very calm. You important psychological comfort in the atmosphere and in communication with people. You’re confident, talented, strive for harmony. You are very smart, a dreamer, a romantic, so from the bustle of life and everyday life feeling tired.

-If you chose GREEN, you have everything to achieve success – lust for life, ambition, and potential. You love life and everything that surrounds you. Strive to your goal. But there is a downside – you criticized – if you do not feel support, lose confidence.

-If you chose PURPLE — you are inquisitive, passionate about nature, tend to mystify the world around them. Purple combines opposites, as the man himself. You a man of moods — you are sharp transitions from activity to complete indifference, from one extreme to another, but in my heart you strive for harmony. This color is often chosen by nature creative.