Psychologists have called the habits that you want to get to 35 years

Techno 12 January, 2018

2018-01-12 16:47

Psychologists have called the habits that you want to get to 35 years
Your lifestyle depends not only on the condition of the physical condition

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We are talking about emotional health. Psychologists say that guilty because you don’t feel happy, there are habits that are formed throughout life, and which are not necessarily harmful, reports Rus.Media.

Experts say up to 35 years and men and women should be fully realized, to become self-sufficient and understand what they want from life, so it’s best to get rid of these habits before you “pass” for that age.

Psychologists claim that these habits make you less happy and successful:

regular abuse of sleep;

the desire to please everyone;

the uncontrolled expenditure of money;

sedentary lifestyle, sedentary work and lying on the couch in the evening;

indifferent attitude to their health and appearance;

chronic laziness;

putting things “for later”;

not the completion of initiated cases and the constant lowering of the hands;

regular complaints at all and all;

weaving intrigue;

and of course, Smoking and alcohol abuse.

They need to immediately get rid of, otherwise they will pull you down and you won’t be able to be as happy as you would like. 35 years is only the beginning of a new, Mature life, when you can afford it, so forget about the past and cheer up for the “young” years, they still have behind.

All you need for happiness is to eliminate the above habits until you reach 35 years old, otherwise you can just not catch and harmful skills will dictate to you the rules of life.