QS promises savings of$ 100 Million with the end of public funding of private schools

News 5 February, 2018
  • Patrick Bellerose

    Monday, 5 February 2018 16:47

    Monday, 5 February 2018 16:51

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    Québec solidaire says that his promise to abolish the public funding of private schools will result in savings of nearly$ 100 million annually. A figure contested by the Federation of private educational institutions.

    The formation of the left has unveiled its first electoral commitment on Monday at the end of his caucus présessionnel. If it came to power, Québec solidaire, promises to abolish the public funding of private schools in four years.

    “We want the private system to become a truly private”, summed up the male spokesperson of the party, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois.

    His colleague, Amir Khadir, said that parents “have to struggle” to send their children to private school to give them a better chance.


    While many believe that this measure would cost a fortune to the State, Québec solidaire believes that it would allow a savings of approximately$ 98 million since approximately 50% of students would migrate to the public.

    “So there’s a half that would remain in the private sector, but whose families would fund fully the education, stresses Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois. Therefore, we would support more children in the audience, except that there would grant no more in the private sector. Therefore, at the net, we are talking about a savings of about $ 100 million per year, $ 98 million, to be exact.”

    The Federation of private educational institutions refutes these data and states that she would rather some$ 600 million annually.

    “In addition, several private schools are the owners of their buildings, some of which are buildings of heritage, written the Federation in a press release. The purchase of these buildings represent investments that are in the billions of dollars, without counting the amounts to be invested annually for their maintenance.”

    More details to follow…