Quebec softens the parental insurance plan

News 1 February, 2018
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    The government Couillard wants to offer more flexibility for parents who wish to spread more of their parental leave.

    Charles Lecavalier

    Thursday, 1 February 2018 00:00

    Thursday, 1 February 2018 00:00

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    The government Couillard will announce on Thursday, easing the québec parental insurance Plan, which will allow families to stretch their weeks of leave over a period of two years.

    “We want to give more flexibility to parents, give them the possibility of extending the parental leave over a longer period of time “, has explained to our Office parliamentary source familiar with the case.

    This change is directly related to the mandate entrusted to us by Philippe Couillard to several ministers of his cabinet to improve the reconciliation of work-family-study, during the cabinet reshuffle last October. Other ads, such as the revision of the Law on labour standards to offer more vacation time to workers, are also to be expected.

    At zero cost

    The changes to the QPIP will be performed at no cost since it is not a question to increase the maximum limit of 55 weeks in total for both parents. Quebec wants to rather allow them to return to work earlier, but only part-time, for example. Leave the remaining could be spread out to offer a four-day week.

    A week of the parliament is back in session and the last day of his caucus présessionnel, Philippe Couillard account and score points with young families.

    Principle of ” in and out “

    The employer could also be considered an asset. “For example, an accountant might return to the work during the tax season, when the employer is busy, and go by the result,” says the source.

    “We don’t want to add a burden to employers,” says-t-on. These “flexibilities” should be accepted by both the employer and the employee. In case of refusal, the current system will prevail.

    No question to imitate the federal

    Quebec rejects however the idea to mimic the federal system and to allow parents to stretch the leave for up to 18 months, but with a coverage of lower-income.

    The government has also in his favor a measure that will allow parents to take leave in case of illness of their infant during the first year, where he will attend a nursery.

    The QPIP is a plan funded by contributions from employees, self-employed and employers.

    The QPIP basic current

    Maternity (Exclusive to the mother who has given birth): 18 weeks of leave at 70 % of salary

    Paternity (Exclusive to the second parent): 5 weeks at 70 % of salary

    Parental (may be Shared): 7 weeks at 70 % of salary and 25 weeks s at 55 %

    Planned change

    Be able to spread out a portion of these weeks up to two years after the birth

    • Gradual return with a four-day week, for example

    • ” In and out “, either go back to work for a few weeks to start again then