Québec solidaire, in discussion with Vincent Marissal, Jean-François Lisée worried

News 28 March, 2018
  • Patrick Bellerose

    Wednesday, march 28, 2018 10:05

    Wednesday, march 28, 2018 10:05

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    If the ex-columnist Vincent Marissal presents for Québec solidaire, against the chief parti québécois in the riding of Rosemont, it could help elect a liberal candidate, said Jean-François Lisée.

    Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois confirmed on Wednesday morning that the ex-political columnist for the daily Press is considering standing as a candidate for Québec solidaire in the elections which should take place next fall. Vincent Marissal eyeing the electoral district of Rosemont, which is currently occupied by the leader of the Parti québécois.

    “If he were to decide to present themselves in a county pq, it would tell us something about the real objective of Québec solidaire, commented Jean-François Lisée in the morning. Me, in Rosemont, I am very confident of the win, I think, I have woven a very, very good link with the people, with organizations, with local groups.”

    Photo Simon Clark

    The leader of the parti québecois, Jean-François Lisée


    However, he believes that his candidacy would divide the vote sovereignist. “But hypothesize that Mr. Marissal make a good campaign in Rosemont. The only result probable is that it gives the county the liberals, continued Jean-François Lisée. Now, that would be his contribution to the common good, to give Rosemont the liberals if he performs. Me, I don’t believe that, but it is the choice he has before him.”

    However, Jean-François Lisée would be prepared to consider a nomination of Vincent Marissal for the PQ. “We are ready to discuss with him, of course”, he commented.

    More details will follow…

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