Québec solidaire wants to hear the government Couillard on “post-NAFTA”

News 22 January, 2018
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    Amir Khadir, mp for Québec solidaire

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    Monday, 22 January 2018 18:34

    Monday, 22 January 2018 18:37

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    QUEBEC | Québec solidaire (QS) applied to the government Couillard to stop playing the ostrich and to present solutions for the “post-NAFTA”.

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    “We need to stop getting fooled by all kinds of illusions,” said the member of parliament for QS, Amir Khadir, in an interview with the QMI Agency. “The free trade Agreement north american (NAFTA), as it was designed for, there is thirty years, will no longer exist.”

    To face this new reality, Mr. Khadir request to be invited to a parliamentary committee, upon the resumption of parliamentary work, the chief negotiator for Quebec in the record of the NAFTA, Raymond Bachand, and the minister of Economy, Dominique Anglade.

    “It is time that Mr. Bachand comes to make its report before the parliament. It should be an open debate on the issue,” said Mr. Khadir.

    “It seems to me wholly inappropriate that these decisions are taken by a restricted circle of people in the government and lobbies, industrial and financial, without that the population is aware”, he added.

    For protectionism

    The political formation of the left considers it essential that Québec turns to protectionism, but protectionism, which would be “based on the protection of the quality of our society, our economy and our environment.”

    “From the moment we take into account the environmental impact of the products that we consume, we must promote the processing of the short circuits of the local economy,” explained Mr. Khadir, which is considered necessary for the imposition of tariff barriers on foreign products.

    Moreover, the end of the NAFTA “welcome QS if it gave the opportunity to rethink the economy and trade between Canada and its trading partners on other bases”.

    “But we’re not there,” he added.

    The sixth round of negotiation of the NAFTA agreement between Canada, the United States and Mexico and president Donald Trump on the verge of breaking, is expected to begin Tuesday in Montreal.