Quebec willing to help out other media

News 14 December, 2017
  • Photo Stevens LeBlanc
    The minister of Industry, Dominique Anglade

    Pierre Couture

    On Thursday 14 December 2017 15:29

    On Thursday 14 December 2017 15:33

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    The Quebec government confirms that it will lend $ 10 million to the Group capital cities Media, and does not close the door to help other media who will make the request.

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    “Yes, if other media make the request, you will be there for them. We can’t decide winners and losers,” said Thursday the minister of Industry, Dominique Anglade, during a press briefing at Saguenay.

    In the case of the Group capital cities Media, it is Investissement Québec, which will extend a financial assistance of $ 10 million in the form of a loan repayable by 2020.

    This is the first time that Investissement Québec invests directly in a company press written.

    Quebec recognizes that without this financial assistance, the jobs would have been able to disappear within the Group capital cities Media, employing 400 people.

    The Group capital cities Media includes the regional dailies Le Soleil (Québec), Law (Ottawa-Gatineau), Le Quotidien (Saguenay), Le Nouvelliste (Trois-Rivières), La Tribune (Sherbrooke), and La Voix de l’est (Granby).

    Martin Cauchon happy

    The Group capital cities Media plans to invest over the next few years $ 26 million to progress its business plan to digital.

    “We speak to change our business model. So for those of you who think that you can control a media room, it does not exist. It is an insult to the intelligence of the journalist of the group,” noted the Group owner capital cities Media, Martin Cauchon.

    The latter argues that the paper is still part of the business plan of the company, which has six regional dailies.

    The minister Anglade) is also advocated to invest in a newsroom.

    “It invests in a company. One does not become owner. It is a loan. I trust the journalists,” she said.