Quebecor wants to be paid by Just for laughs

News 25 January, 2018
  • QMI agency

    Wednesday, 24 January, 2018 23:55

    Wednesday, 24 January, 2018 23:55

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    AGENCY QMI | Quebecor Media filed Wednesday in court of claims totaling more than $ 1.1 million for services rendered by its various divisions and subsidiaries in the Group Just for laughs (JPR).

    This claim followed a formal notice relating to the payment of invoices sent by Quebecor Media, last November, a few weeks after the publication of allegations of sexual assault and harassment brought against Gilbert Rozon, the founder of the Just for laughs festival, who resigned from his post.

    Quebecor wants to get a sum of 1 177 000 $ the Group share of JPR in outstanding payments of all kinds, such as some from Videotron and other relating to the advertising aired in the media, Québecor as well as in its display services.

    In its formal notice, sent in November, Quebecor points out that the ” actions of Mr. Rozon, that led to the public identification, have the effect to devalue substantially and significantly the value and the reputation of the trade mark Just for laughs and affect undeniably by the fact that even the various contracts relating thereto “.

    The request for an injunction

    The Group JPR and Quebecor are currently before the courts in another folder : the right of first offer that Quebecor supports to hold on the Group.

    Quebecor has filed an application for injunction two weeks ago to interrupt the process for the sale of the Group JPR currently in progress.

    The media giant is a sponsor of the Group since 2012 and has shown him to have paid more than $ 45 million in partnerships and sponsorships.

    In the partnership agreement concluded between the two companies, it is stipulated that in the event of a sale of the company, Quebecor would have a right of first offer.

    The Just for laughs Group has contested this right, asserting that Quebecor would rather bring down its value to defeat the current sales process.