Queen Elizabeth and the bride of Prince Harry appeared at a Christmas service In the World : Vladim

News 26 December, 2017

Today in Sandringham Christmas service was held on the occasion of Catholic Christmas. Fans of the Royal family gathered at the road leading to the Cathedral to watch the procession of the Royal family at the service. However, spectators were disappointed: the main person of the family does not appear on the service.


In Sandringham came the husband of Queen Elizabeth – Prince Philip and eldest son Charles with his wife and middle son of the Queen, Andrew and her daughters. However the Queen and also Prince Harry with his bride not deigned to appear at the Sunday service on the occasion of Christmas. The reason for the refusal to appear on the service are not explained.

All fans of the famous Royal dynasty was disappointed. Some worried, was whether this incident deeper reason. In addition to the Christmas service, of British people expect a festive football match between members of the Royal family and, perhaps, beloved Queen, they will be able to watch it there.