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Entertainment, Techno 19 July, 2017

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Crazy in love with Meghan Markle, prince Harry is ready to do anything to save her marriage. The Face of the many doubts of his girlfriend, the younger son of prince Charles could give up her royal status.

Queen Elizabeth II is concerned that prince Harry would not give up its duties royal. And for good reason, since he is in a relationship with Meghan Markle, the little brother of the prince William does not hesitate to rearrange his schedule to spend more time with his girlfriend, who seems to doubt more and more of their future for two. Tired by the obligations incumbent on him, Harry wants to live an ordinary life and even refuses to perform certain of its duties. An attitude which displeases strongly to his grandmother… and it includes. If the younger generation of the royal family refuses to take his role seriously, the future of the monarchy may be in danger.

According to many observers, royal, Meghan Markle would have a bad influence on prince Harry, not hesitating to share her concerns about her future as the wife of a member of the royal family. Actress with success, the beautiful brunette does not want to spend the rest of his days cloistered in a palace, shaking hands, cutting ribbons and kissing babies. What’s more, the young couple has a lot of trouble to find. Prince Harry living in London and his girlfriend in Toronto, which is home to the filming of the series Suits, they are hardly seen these last few weeks.

The only way that Harry and Meghan are able to live together is that they marry, but the young man still has not made his request. And for many, this is due to the fact that he doubted of his marriage and feared that his girlfriend refuses to abandon her career, and especially his freedom.

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