Queen Elizabeth II of England was fascinated by the subjects of the pictures of her grandchildren In the World : Vladim

News 25 December, 2017

The inhabitants of Britain, admired the photographs on the table of Queen Elizabeth II. They were moved by the photo with the great-grandchildren of the ruler.


The ruler of the United Kingdom traditionally congratulated citizens on Christmas. She appealed to the people from his office, the intrigue of this action was to images on the table of Queen Elizabeth II, as they change every year.

This time the Queen decided to celebrate her love for her husband, Prince Philip. This year the couple celebrated 70-summer anniversary of joint life. On her Desk were two photographs: anniversary and wedding. Crowned ruler mentioned husband, his support and sense of humor. Also on the table Elizabeth II and the pictures were great-grandchildren of Princess Charlotte and Prince George.

In his congratulatory speech, the Queen highlighted the strength and courage of the British survivors of the terrorist attacks, but were not frightened of threats. Subjects write their 91-year-old leader is very nice in treatment, and pictures of her grandchildren and even touched people.