Question of the pension plan: an agreement in principle is entered into between the City of Montréal and the union of its blue-collar

News 21 July, 2017
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    Friday, 21 July 2017 19:58

    Friday, 21 July 2017 19:58

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    MONTREAL | City of Montreal and the union of its blue-collar workers came to a tentative agreement regarding the pension plan of the latter.

    “The mayor of Montreal, Mr. Denis Coderre, is pleased to announce that a tentative agreement has been reached between the City of Montreal and representatives of the trade Union of blue-collar workers gathered in Montreal, one can read in a press release from the office of the mayor and the executive committee transmitted to the media in the evening, Friday. This agreement settles all of the provisions of by law 15, an Act to promote the financial health and sustainability of the schemes defined benefit pension plans in the municipal sector.”

    For its part, the union, affiliated with the canadian Union of civil service, said, also by means of a press release that “the agreement protects the interests of blue-collar workers in a responsible way in a difficult context”.

    However, CUPE has mentioned Friday night that it was pursuing “with determination in his legal challenge of the act 15 to declare unconstitutional”. “The goal is to restore the indexation of pensions of retirees and active participants, and to invalidate the sharing of past shortfalls as well as any other measure which has already been invoked with the effect of limiting the right to free negotiation,” said the union.

    The decision-making bodies of the trade Union of blue-collar workers gathered in Montréal (SCFP 301) and the Town will have to vote on this agreement-in-principle. By then, the details of the agreement are not being disclosed, said the parties.

    The City of Montreal has already been heard on the issue of pension plans with its police, its fire department, its white collar and its scientists.